Dinner Special

Served all-day
Served with Mexican rice, beans, and tortillas
(refried beans, whole beans or black beans)

Monday: CHORIPOLLO PLATE $ 12.50
Chicken strips & chorizo topped with house queso sauce.

Tuesday: Pollo Mexicano $12.50 (medium hot)
Strips of chicken breast, mushrooms, jalapeños,
onion, tomato, Mexican sauce, pico de gallo.

Wednesday: Pollo ala crema $ 12.50
Tender chicken strips with sautéed mushrooms/onions
bell peppers and sour cream-based sauce.

Thursday: Pollo Carnitas $ 12.50
Tender chicken breast sautéed with green and red bell peppers/onions / and special Mexican sauce
with guacamole.

Friday: Fajitas de Pollo $ 13.50
Strips of chicken / bell peppers / onions / refried beans
lettuce / pico de gallo / sour cream / guacamole
cheese / rice / beans. Gluten free with corn tortillas.

Saturday: ARROZ CON POLLO$ 12.50

(No beans) Grilled chicken breast simmered in a mild sauce, mushrooms, onions, mild peppers slice of tomato, avocado, melted cheese & lettuce.

Sunday: POLLO RANCHERO $ 12.50

Chicken strips, corn, onions, mushrooms & tomatoes in a special house sauce.